In order to get a rebate for Denver heating and cooling systems and equipment residential customers must go through an Xcel Energy participating contractor.

Impact Heating & Cooling is a participating contractor and can help you in three ways:

  • We keep up to date on current rebate offers
  • We will suggest heating and cooling systems that qualify for the rebates.
  • We will fill out the applications and submit them for you.

Save on Energy Consumption & Get a Rebate

As an overall statement, rebates are given on high efficiency furnaces and high efficiency air conditioning because Xcel Energy is providing incentive to install or replace older, less efficient systems with high efficiency systems.

Rebates are available for specified time periods and the offers vary in the type of equipment and the amount of rebate with each new offer. Call us at 303-859-4212 for current offers.

Residential Rebates Available

Heating Equipment Rebate Amounts

  • Natural gas furnace with a 95% AFUE efficiency: $300 rebate
  • Natural gas boiler with a 95% AFUE efficiency: $250
  • Natural gas boiler with a 95% AFUE efficiency and sidearm water heater: $350

Your Benefits

  • Rebates with the initial cost of equipment
  • Buying a 95% efficient furnace with EC Motors helps protect you from the potential of future rising energy costs.

Who Qualifies?

Here are the qualifications for Denver heating and cooling rebates:

  • Use an Xcel partner contractor
  • Must be an Xcel Energy customer
  • Installation must be located in Colorado
  • Purchase equipment that meets the current offer requirements

Why Does Xcel Energy Require a Partner Contractor?

Since there is no state-wide licensing program for HVAC contractors in Colorado, they want to make sure a quality installation that ensures the high efficiency aspect of the equipment is fully realized.

Xcel Energy pre-qualifies contractors, making sure the contractors have the technical knowledge required they match their skills against national certification criteria.

How Do I Apply for a Rebate?

Once you have chosen your HVAC equipment and we have installed it, we will complete your invoice and send a copy of it along with the rebate paperwork to Xcel Energy for processing. You should receive your rebate after about 6 weeks.

Qualifying Heating Equipment

For Natural Gas Customers

As of the date this page was created, for furnaces, the rebate available is for a 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) natural gas furnace.

For Electric Service Customers

If you have an electric only system, a furnace utilizing an ECM system (which is a variable speed fan motor, minimizing temperature swings) qualifies you for a rebate.

Qualifying Air Conditioning Equipment

The air conditioning installation requirements are a bit trickier. Good thing we figure it all out for you! First, the air flow requirements and sizing of the unit must match your home’s needs.

Xcel Registered AC contractors take the following into account:

  • Age of the home
  • Type of insulation
  • Window size, number and type
  • Depth of exterior wall construction
  • Orientation of your home (north, south, east, west)

Next we make sure the air flow around the unit is sufficient to maximize efficiency. We can then give you several recommendations on equipment size and efficiency. Equipment rebate requirements take into account both SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings. With both ratings, a higher number indicates better efficiency. Different combinations have different rebate amounts assigned. As of the writing of this page in 2016, a customer can realize up to $1,150 in rebates on equipment and installation if trading in an older unit.

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