Evaporative coolers, otherwise known as “swamp coolers” are cooling solutions that cool the air in your home or commercial space by evaporating water and infusing it into the dry air in your space.

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It works by dropping the temperature of your air through transitioning of liquid (water) to vapor (e-VAPOR-ation) and mixing it with your warmer, dryer air. It is a much less energy intensive way to cool air than with refrigeration typically used in central air conditioning systems.

In dry climates such as Thornton, Broomfield, Westminster, Northglenn & Cherry Hills, CO the added benefit of cooling the air with moisture is that it provides more comfort for the building occupants in terms of air quality by slightly increasing the humidity.

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Thousand Year Old System

In ancient Egypt the builders added roof shafts to buildings which caught the hot winds going across the roofs and redirected it to flow across subterranean water pools. This cooled the air, which was then redirected throughout the building.

Evaporative coolers that were early designs in the US began in the very early 1900s, used wood wool pads soaked in water and brought the air across them to get the evaporative effect. These early designs tended to produce algae in the units, making them smell like “swamps.” Thus the name swamp cooler came into use.

Externally mounted evaporative cooling devices were used until the more modern vapor-compression air conditioning units became more popular.

Passive techniques, such as evaporative cooling towers, really only became more widely used within the past 30 years. Like most things in life, today’s evaporative cooling designs are much more effective.

Evaporative Coolers vs Central Air Conditioning

What we now call “Air conditioning” is of course superior in cooling properties because they use vapor-compression refrigeration or absorption refrigeration to cool air.

As we learned above, an evaporative cooling unit cools the air by adding cold water vapor into your air. It is effective on days when the humidity levels are lower, and only to the point of saturation of the cool water vapor into the air.

Many people are perfectly happy with the level of cooling this provides, and combined with ceiling fans, it works quite well. Air movement is key, since the air does become more humid.

The primary reason to choose this over central air conditioning installation would be its lower use of energy, translating to cheaper operating cost.

The primary reason to choose air conditioning instead would be the control you get over the temperature and the great degree to which you can cool a space… no matter how humid the air.

Evaporative coolers on the other hand, can be ineffective at times – even in an semi-arid climate like Thornton, Broomfield, Westminster, Northglenn & Cherry Hills, CO, due to periods of higher relative humidity.

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