Why You Need an Embedded Snow Melt Solution For Your Driveway or Patio

Whether you’re looking for snow melt systems for your home or your business, Impact Heating & Cooling has you covered. Our experts can install a snow melt system in your driveway, sidewalk or patio to help keep your home or business low maintenance and safe!

Residential & Commercial Snow Melt Services

Many cities in Colorado have ordinances requiring that sidewalks be cleared of snow. In Denver, businesses must clear their sidewalks within four hours of the snow stopping, and twenty four hours for residents.

Having a snow and ice melting system means you won’t have to go out in the cold weather to shovel the driveway or pathway every morning in the winter. This is especially helpful if shoveling all of that heavy snow is difficult due to physical limitations, or snow plowing is impractical due to budgetary constraints or the layout of your property.

With your pathways always clear of snow and ice, the chances of accidental slipping, injury, and potential liability are much lower. Your neighbors and customers will appreciate it, and you’ll have more peace of mind. Businesses will also save money on property management costs by not having to hire workers to clear sidewalks.

Which embedded snow melt solution is right for you?

Impact Heating & Cooling will advise you on your best option.

  • Hydronic snow melting systems work by circulating a heated fluid through tubes that are installed beneath a paved surface or actually embedded within the concrete itself. The surface is heated throughout by the heated fluid, and this in turn melts the snow or ice above.
  • Electric melting systems work in a similar manner in that the components are embedded within or installed below the paving surface. The electric heating cables are very efficient though, and typically require very little maintenance. They’re also a favorite of contractors because the installation process is relatively simple and they go in quickly.

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